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Complete Ingredients List


We currently source Tallow from Essential Depot. It is from grass fed beef, has no GMO's, and is USP compliant. Eventually we will have a local source of grass fed tallow. When that happens, we will update this space. Tallow creates a creamy lather in soap, is conditioning for the skin, and helps create a hard bar that lasts. 

Olive Oil

We source our olive oil from Bramble Berry. It is a pure olive oil. Olive oil is very conditioning for skin and is great for making a bar that is gentle on the skin.

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil we use is also sourced from Bramble Berry. Coconut oil creates a good lather for soaps, is cleansing, and creates a hard bar that lasts.

Sodium Hydroxide

We source our Sodium Hydroxide from Bulk Apothecary. Their Lye is a pure form of Sodium Hydroxide and meets the Food Codex Specifications. Lye is what causes the chemical reaction to turn the oils and fat into soap. During the curing process (the 4-6 weeks the soap sits on a shelf before we sell it) the oil, fats, and lye keep working to create your soap. Once the curing is complete, no lye remains in the soap.

Essential Oils

We source all of our essential oils from The Essential Oil Company. Their oils are hand crafted from wild, cultivated, and certified organic sources. ​Essential oils have many benefits for the skin, and are much better for our bodies than chemical fragrances. 

Soap Colorants

We color our soap with all natural ingredients such as powdered parsley, powdered lemon peel, powdered orange peel, bentonite clay, and paprika. These ingredients come from our local grocery store, are various brands, and we make sure they are organic. Our goal is to find herbs and spices we can grow on our land that can be used as natural colorants. This space will be updated as that happens. We get our bentonite clay from Whole Foods. Colorants from natural sources are not as vibrant as their chemical components, but they make each bar unique and are much healthier for our bodies.


We source the dandelions for our salve from our own backyard. We don't spray for weeds or use chemical fertilizer on our lawn, so we can always be certain our dandelions are organic.

Herbs for Face Mask Powders

The peppermint, chamomile, rosemary, and thyme found in our powdered masks are grown organically in our garden. We hope to source all the herbs and teas from our garden in the future


We source turmeric for our facemask powders from the grocery store.

Oat Powder

We use Redmond's organic oats in our powdered face masks

Coconut milk powder

We get our coconut milk powder from BrambleBerry

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