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JulBud Ranch CSA

What is a CSA? These letters stand for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a way for farmers and ranchers to cut out the middle man and get fresh, healthy food direct to you from your local farm.

We are full for the 2024 season! If you'd like to be on the waitlist for any openings throughout the season, or to be contacted when there is extra produce, scroll down.

What to expect

There are many types of CSA's, but ours follows a traditional way of doing farm shares. When you sign up for a share of the produce we grow, you'll receive a bag of fresh, organically grown produce, harvested the very same week and many times, the very day, you pick up. There will be 6-8 items in your bag that we, the farmer, select for you based on what is ready to be harvested each week. Occasionally, one of your items may be a jar of pickles or jam, one of our all-natural skin-care items, or even a special treat we've cooked up in our kitchen!

Beyond the bag

But don't worry, we won't simply give you a bag of food and hope you'll know how to use it all. No, each week you'll receive an email with recipes, ways to preserve your produce, and more. We also have our "Recipe Box" where you can go to find even more recipes. These recipes are categorized by the produce you want to use. So if you're looking for ways to use up some tomatoes, click on the tomatoes file and you'll see all the recipes we've collected that have tomatoes in them. 

Extra perks

We don't want you to feel like you're just another customer. A CSA is all about community and that's exactly what we're trying to build. With that in mind, we have even more included with each share.

  • Every September we hold a members only Farm Dinner included in the price of your share. Come see the farm, pet the animals, and have fun getting to know your farmers and fellow CSA members!

  • You get a discount to any events we hold at the ranch throughout the year. This doesn't just apply to the CSA season, either. It applies from the day you sign up for a share until December 31st of that same year.

The Cost

Each bag of 6-8 items, plus all the additional stuff mentioned above will cost you $35 per week that you pick up.

The 2024 season will be 12 weeks long.

A full season, or weekly, share will be $420

A half season, or bi-weekly, share will be $210

Do I have to pay in full upfront?

No. You can if you want to, but you can also choose to pay $35 weekly (full season only) or $70 monthly (bi-weekly only)

Ready to sign up?

We use a third-party website called Grownby for our farm share registration. If you're ready to sign up, click the link below and it will take you to our farm page on Grownby where you can select which farm share you want, the day you want to pick up, and how you want to pay.

We are full for the 2024 season. Sign up for our wait list and get notified if any spots open up or we have extra produce.


What if I go on vacation and/or can't pick up my share?

You have a couple of options. We offer "vacation weeks" for each share plan. You can claim one of these and receive a credit that can be used to purchase other items such as skincare or eggs. This credit must be used on the Grownby website, not on this website.

You can also offer your share to a friend, family member, or neighbor. They can pick up your share for you at the ranch.

How do I know if a farm share is right for my family?

If you can answer yes to any of the following, a farm share is right for you and your family:

  • Do you like knowing where your food comes from and how it's grown?

  • Do you like eating clean and healthy meals?

  • Do you enjoy trying new foods or recipes?

  • Do you like supporting local businesses?

  • Do you value taking care of our earth?

  • Do you want guidance on making healthy meals?

  • Can you travel to our ranch once a week?

What exactly does my $35/week cover?

Your $35/week goes toward the following:

  • First and foremost, the cost of the produce you receive.

  • It helps us recover some of the cost of buying seeds, mulch, soil amendments, tools shade cloth, and other things we need to grow the produce.

  • A very small part goes toward any food items we have to buy (like meat) for the CSA dinner.

  • And finally, the labor involved in growing the produce. 

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us through the contact form on our website.

You can also email us at

Or give us a call at 801-870-2259

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